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Avatar Meher Baba Eluru Center

Topography:Eluru is located on the National High Way (Freeway) . Eluru is the Headquarter of West Godavary District (A.P.) India. Eluru is connected by all kinds of public conveyance. One can reach Eluru from any place in India for it is connected by railway ( main track) and roadway(freeway). Most of the express trains and link trains will stop here. It was mainly an administrative and educational center rather than business center. Eluru is located in between Vijayawada and Rajahmundry also very nearer to Tadepalligudem

Tracing back to the history of the place in His love:Eluru had its own importance in His love. Beloved Baba came to Eluru two times during His Andhra tours, first time in 1953 and second time in 1954. Baba stayed here from 23rd January to 28th January in 1953 and from 22nd Februray to 24th February in 1954. on24-6- 1952 Beloved’s Mandali members Bro. Eruch and Bro.Pendu came to Eluru on His mission . First Andrha Meher Mandali was started here. “ Avatar Meher” monthly journal was started here to spread His messages and love throught Andhra Pradesh
Memorable instances during His first visit to Eluru from 23-1-1953 to 28-1-1953:Beloved Baba’s “ Prajadarsanam" ( Public appearance ) progrmmee was organised by Sri Katta Subbarao with his own money, because he had a strong conviction that he is destined to have the magnificent darsan of the “God” at that time and there by he will attain salvation( will be freed from rebirth

Sri Kutumba Sastri Sri Dhanapathiraonaidu Sri Rangarao and
Sri Mallikharjunarao (KDRM)

with Beloved Meher Baba

Beloved Meher Baba with His lovers in Kattavari thota Eluru.

On the first day of His visit Beloved used to move around in a garden belongs to Katta Subbarao and all of sudden He sat under a tree for some time inscrutable. He was in His Universal work. All His lovers felt very happy. After some time Katta Subbarao prayed Baba for His permission to construct a room exactly at that place in His memory. Because Meher Baba is benevolent , He accorded not only permission, but also He Himself laid foundation for it on 28-1-1953 with some pearls. A room was constructed and now it has become “ Avatar Meher Baba Nilayam”

Memorable instances during His second visit to Eluru from 22-2-1954 to 24-2-1954:It was announced in news papers and palmplets that on 23rd February Baba will give “darshan”. A small school going kid on seeing the palmplet wished to have Baba’s darshan and asked their parents to take him to His darshan. The child’s parents were traditional orthodox, therefore they were not interested to take their boy to Baba having a wrong conception that Baba belongs to Parsi community. The boy wept , observed fasting, and slept while keeping the palmplet under his pillow. On the next day the boy went to school with broken heart. Eventhough the boy was in school , his heart was filled with the love for Baba, no concentration on the lessons and worrying about the darshan of the Beloved. The boy has not seen Baba in person , but saw the picture on the paper. All of sudden and in surprise Baba’s car was stopped at the school where the boy was. No sooner Beloved approching the kind than the kid ran towards the Him with fascination. Baba embraced the kid and kissed.

Coming to the present:
Avatar Meher Baba Eluru center was started on 07-01-1952 and registered under R.No.264/1985 dated 30-8-1985. The center has two segments one “ Avatar Mber Baba Nilayam” and the other “Avatar Meher Baba Eluru Center”.

Location of the center:
The center is located at Katta Subbarao Thota (garden), Meher Nagar, Gavaravaram, Senivarapupet. About one Kilometer ( half mile) from Eluru Firestation. Located by the side of Tammileru.

Golden Jubilee celebrations:Avatar Meher Baba Eluru center celebrated “Golden Jubilee” in 2003. Sri Chenna Raghavendra rao and K. Haranathbabu are the then President and Secretary respectively. Draft planning was made for the celebrations by Sarvasri A.V.Raghavulu, B. Ramakrishnayya, Y.S.Rao, T.V.Padmanabham, K. Narayanarao, K.V.Ratnam and C.Y. Chintamani. A special souvenir was published on the occasion.


Gatherings , bajans are conducted on every Thursday and Sunday. Special meetings are conducted on all important days. Special function will be organised on every year December 25th. “Nagarasamkeerthana” ( Street singing) is organised at the early hours 5.00 am to 6.00 am on every Sunday.

Tours to Beloved Tombshrine are organised every year arranging special buses.

Present Executive Body

Sri Pasumarthi Satyanarayana……………… President

Sri/Smt/Kum Karri Himabindu…………….. Vice-President

Sri Uppuluri Bapiraju ……………………….. Secretary

Sri Meka Satyanarayana ………....... Treasurer

Contact Nos.
Meher Nilayam.........+91 08812-224508

Center ..................+91 08812-250328

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Greetings and Jai Baba from La Plata, Argentina. I hope some day He will allow me to visit your Eluru Baba Center. Jai Meher Baba! Carlos